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ClayFeast Gulgong, Australia
29 April to 6 May 2001

Hans FischerThe invited masters are major internationally known ceramic artists. Maria Geszler, from Hungary, whose salt-glazed printed porcelain has been exhibited worldwide and is renowned for the quality of the workshops she gives; Hans Fischer from Germany, who, alongside his abstract clay sculptures, makes whimsical decorative tableware that one always reaches for in the kitchen when preparing something for oneself; Brigitte Penicaud, from France, whose freely thrown functional ware with abstract expressive decorative painting is a joy to behold and use; Jane Sawyer from Melbourne (Australia) makes free use of slip on satisfyingly natural forms; David Miller, an Englishman who has been living for many years in France, is an expert in offbeat decoration on modern forms; John Neely (USA) makes refined forms with unusual tactile surfaces; Rimas VisGirda, also from the US, has an ironic twist to both form and decoration that makes his work a lively point of discussion; Giampietro Rampini is a master of Italian maiolica with an expertise with the brush that has to be seen; Bill Samuels (Australia) works with shino glazes and woodfiring, the quality of his throwing brings his pots alive; Jun Kaneko, originally from Japan and now living in the US, is a masterful maker of large sculptural works – he also makes a range of large plates of baronial dimensions; Suzuki Goro from Japan works in Oribe style in the most innovative way imaginable; Elisa Helland-Hansen from Norway works in a clean-cut Scandinavian style but with softness in the finish; and John Glick (USA), known for his tableware using extruded elements, and for his use of glaze-on-glaze decoration, is a renowned teacher. They are all keen to come and meet you.

Participants are already signing up, many of them from different countries and they include groups of students, teachers, rural and urban potters, and ceramists working in all styles. Mansfield can assure you of a lively mix with much to do, much to learn and enjoyment in the meeting. The dates are 29 April to 6 May, 2001. For information on how to enroll, please visit the site www.ceramicart.com.au.

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