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Various oxides, carbonates and commercial stains can be used to color base engobe recipes. If you want to use commercial stains, refer to your manufacturer or sales outlet for more information on what percentages to use, or experiment yourself with your own line blend. The following chart can be used as a guide for adding percentages of oxides to engobe recipes for color results. These colors refer to results obtained in oxidatiion firings. (For more information on oxidation and reduction firings, please refer to Oxidation and Reduction Firings).
Colorant Color Amount (%)
Iron Oxide
Cobalt Oxide
Nickel Oxide
Manganese Dioxide
Black 3.0
Cobalt Oxide Dark Blue 1.5
Copper Oxide Mid Green 3.0
Yellow Ochre Ochre 4.5
Iron Oxide Mid Tan 3.0
Rutile Creamy Tan 6.0
Iron Chromate Dark Gray 3.0
Manganese Dioxide Purple Brown 6.0
Fire in Oxidation for the above color results.    

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