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Clayfeast Gulgong

W hat is Gulgong? Gulgong is a small rural community in New South Wales, Australia, northwest of Sydney, now famous for it's yearly international ceramic event, hosted by Australian ceramics diva Janet Mansfield, who also happens to be the chief editor of the international magazines Ceramics, Art and Perception and Ceramics Technical.

The theme for the 2001 event is 'Imaginative and Innovative Tableware – ranging from classical to sculptural and traditional to the avant-garde'.
Invited Workshop Leaders include an impressive list of international ceramic artists, including

  • John Neely (USA)
  • Suzuki Goro (Japan)
  • Jun Kaneko (USA/Japan)
  • Brigitte Penicaud (France)
  • Giampietro Rampini (Italy)
  • Elisa Helland-Hansen (Norway)
  • David Miller (France/UK)
  • Maria Geszler (Hungary)
  • Hans Fischer (Germany)
  • Jane Sawyer (Australia)
  • Bill Samuels (Australia)
  • Rimas VisGirda (USA)
  • John Glick (USA)

It's perhaps not surprising that Mansfiled is able to put together such an impressive array of international ceramic artists, considering hers is one of the most renown international ceramics magazines on the market. So what's going to be going on? -- Workshop leaders will be demonstrating their techniques of making and decorating. Participants are welcome to be involved: decorating, firing and exhibiting their own pots. In addition there will be lectures, exhibitions, happenings, and a feast or two. Activities will also be held at Morning View, Mansfield's workshop, including the firing of the work decorated during the week.

When is it happening? -- 29 April to 6 May 2001 (confirmed) Where will it be happening? -- Red Hill, The Gulgong Opera House, various halls, etc, Gulgong NSW 2851, Australia.

So if you have been thinking about that trip to Australia for years and just haven't gotten around to it, now's the time to start planning your bookings - those who attended previous Gulgong events will know this is one not to be missed.

For more info, contact
Janet Mansfield c/o Ceramic Art
35 William Street Paddington
NSW 2021 Australia
Tel: +61 (0)2 9361 5286
Fax: +61 (0)2 9361 5402
Email: ceramics@ceramicart.com.au


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