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Mat Slip Decoration
Obtaining satin-mat surfaces using slips

Coloring slips is similar to coloring engobes. Use the chart below to get an idea of what percentages of oxides to use to ge the desired effect. Stains may also be used, but you would have to experiment with amounts, or get the information from the manufacturer. Where available carbonates can be used in place of the oxides listed below. These are a bit finer than the oxides, but a slightly larger amount (try 10 %) is generally needed to get a similar color density. Ballmilling, especially if you are using oxides, will greatly help in reducing speckles and obtaining a uniform color density.

Colorant Color Amount (%)
Iron Oxide
Cobalt Oxide
Nickel Oxide
Manganese Dioxide
Black 3.0
Cobalt Oxide Dark Blue 1.5
Copper Oxide Mid Green 3.0
Yellow Ochre Ochre 4.5
Iron Oxide Mid Tan 3.0
Rutile Creamy Tan 6.0
Iron Chromate Dark Gray 3.0
Manganese Dioxide Purple Brown 6.0
Fire in Oxidation for the above color results.    

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