Pamela Irving

Pamela Irving has been working in ceramics for the past 15 years, and in that time has built up a considerable reputation for herself as a ceramic professional and sculptor.

Her work explores such themes as Mythology, Angels, Royalty, Animal Imagery and other themes and she works with the post-modernist strategy of appropriating other art works, notably Australian and European paintings. Examples of such works are Van Gogh's Starry Night or the medevial painter Hieronymous Bosch. Irving has also worked with childrens themes such as The Princess and the Pea or dealt thematically with such companies as Fiorucci.

Larry LaTrobe Pamela Irving has regular solo shows, but believes in diversity and also makes hand-painted functional ware. She has also been successful moving into the area of bronze sculpture. Her first bronze comission was a public sculpture called Larry LaTrobe, that "evolved from a series of perfect pets, for people with not enough time to nurture a real one..." That sculpture mysteriously dissappeared, never to be found, after having been extracted from its anchors in the ground. Due to popular demand and the donation of a benefactor, Irving was able to recast the work, which now stands at its rightful place at the Melbourne City square.

A recent successful retrospective of Irvings work was held at the Lyall Burton Gallery, celebrating "ten years of ceramic image making". Pamela can be contacted by email via

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