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The Glaze Simulator

T he The Glaze Simulator is a glaze calculation program for Windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT4, that lets you create recipe files and save them to disk, as well as saving and sharing materials in separate files. The Glaze Simulator will database run simulated line blends. Combine two or more recipes or use the automated material substitution and selection as well as advanced color matching features. There is even an automated recipe creation wizard for ceramists of any experience level. The stretching screens work in any resolution.

Glaze Simulator v.2 is available on CD. In this updated version, the manual has been replaced with animated movie clips that will run alone without the need of a player. These movies walk through all the functions included in Glaze Simulator v.2 and actually demonstrate the program in action. For those wanting to delve right into it and trial run the program themselves, a demo version is available.

The main screen is referred to as the analysis window. This screen is used to build, load, save and compare recipes. Color and adjustment wizards display glaze properties in simple language. These wizards will even make suggestions. The menu listed along the top offers an intuitive gateway to all other functions available in Glaze Simulator v.2

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