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The Bauhaus Pottery
The Bauhaus pottery existed only between 1920 and 1925. Despite it's short existence, it had a huge influence on European ceramic design. Led by Otto Lindig and Theodor Bogler and influenced by the likes of Walter Gropius and Gerhard Marcks, the Bauhaus pottery still exerts it's influence around the world today.

The Teapot -- A Ceramic Cultural Item
Over the centuries, the teapot has become a major cultural item. Originally from the Orient, the humble teapot has achieved great heights, both in the East and West.

Wet Firing
A fast firing technique, where moisture is introduced into the kiln to enable the firing of wet pieces.

Glaze Defects and Their Remedies
There are many things that can go wrong with a glaze. Even after testing and compensating for the composition of local ingredients when using recipes from other countries, lots of things can go wrong. Here is a description of the most common glaze defects and some suggestions on how to fix them.

ClayFeast Gulgong
ClayFeast is a major international ceramics event that will be taking place at Gulgong, New South Wales, Australia from 29 April to 6 May 2001. This is a 'hands on' festival with invited international guests doing demonstrations and giving lectures, but also with intense delegate participation.

Glazing Techniques
Glazes can be applied in various ways. Some glazes must be applied in certain ways and not in others. This feature article is a description of the most common glazing techniques.

The Mint Museum of Art - The Allan Chasanoff Ceramic Collection
The single largest gift of contemporary ceramics in the history of the Mint Museum, this site features selections from the 403-piece Allan Chasanoff Ceramic Collection.

Salt Firing
Salt Firing is an old European technique, where salt is introduced into the kiln towards the end of a firing. This results in the typical, often spectacular 'orange peel' effect.

1st World Ceramic Biennale, 2001 Korea
The 1st World Ceramic Biennale, 2001 Korea is promising to be a fantastic event, with a huge international ceramics exhibition and tens of thousands of dollars in prizes to be won!

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