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Robert Palmquist

Gig Harbor, Washington, USA

Budform Jar

6 x 3 inches
Stoneware with oxide washes and glaze runs in cone 10 reduction.

Artist Statement

My eye is attracted to the rugged, irregular (perhaps 'ugly') pieces that are common in retrospectives of the last half-century - Voulkos and Turner are two particular inspirations from this era. Their work is more sculptural, only occasionally functional or 'beautiful', but always striking. Their work speaks of freedom to let the clay evolve into its own form and to experiment with form and with decoration. I need to see pieces evolve as one piece of clay forces the placement of another, one incised line dictates the next; or one stroke of a glaze-filled brush opens another direction. No consistency; no uniformity; no confinement; just the joy and freedom of discovery.


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